20 Questions For Writer’s Block (for composers)

What if you stayed focused for just five more minutes instead of giving up?

What if you take what you have and play it backwards? Upside down?

What was the last music you heard?

What if you listened to something different?

What if you called a friend?

What if you were arbitrary: flip a coin?

What if you were more specific: write three different series of seven notes?

What if you set the timer?

What if you went for a jog before writing?

What if you wrote in a different place?

What if you just hit record while you improvise?

What if you set yourself a target during this session: 8 bars, 16 bars, one melody, three variations?

What if you work on something else temporarily?

What if you sat down to write at the same time 5 days in a row? 15 days? 50?

What if you listened to someone else’s problems and got some perspective?

What if you sat down to write BEFORE your coffee?

What if you wrote an awful first draft? Or three?

What if you only used a pencil and a piece of paper?

What if you accepted that this difficult moment was making your work more valuable?

What if you thought of composing not as a creative activity, but as panning for gold, or drilling for oil, or stitching a garment?

If you’ve done these twenty things and still can’t move on, maybe writer’s block exists after all.

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