3 Great Netflix Films About Music (Mostly)

I get my best movie watching done when I have a cold. Thanks to my bed rest this week I found a few movies on Netflix that I thought I’d share. It’s tough to know out what’s good and what isn’t since the choices are limitless, and every film seems to have a 3.6 star rating… or is that just me? Anyway, these three documentaries are worth checking out.

1. Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould (2009)
Glenn Gould film

A biography of that famous and quirky Canadian pianist. He’s got a statue in Toronto, but what was he like? This film has some answers. His relentless perfectionism drove him away from the concert hall and toward the recording studio, giving up what could certainly have been a decades-long career as a traveling soloist. But the man knew what he wanted, and it was not sitting in front of a live audience in strange cities. (He once called the audience “a force of evil”!) Yet he was genuinely caring towards his listeners and many others in his life. And his amazing technique at the piano is another topic…

2. In Search of Beethoven (2009)

A tour of Ludwig’s life and music with the help of many, many live performances spanning the composer’s whole collection. I really enjoyed the string quartet in particular. To me, Beethoven’s life seems full of contradiction. He became deaf, yet continued to work as a musician; he struggled against depression, yet produced some really joyous music. A comprehensive look at one of music’s most famous figures.

3. Craigslist Joe (2012)
Craigslist Joe

Okay… so this isn’t a music movie. But it’s about community, and the kindness of strangers. Joseph Garner asks himself whether modern society can still live in community, decides to try and live off of Craigslist for an entire month. As you can imagine, he runs into some interesting people all across the USA while he’s at it. Thought-provoking and inspiring.

What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately?

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