A Choral Christmas

Sometimes I feel like I could stand on the street corner with a sign marked “I’m a Tenor” until a desperate choir director tosses me in the back of a van. At Christmas time, I’d probably only wait 8-10 minutes.

Last night I got a last-minute email invite to join Vox Humana and others to sing Handel’s Messiah with the Victoria Symphony and I couldn’t say no! It’s been a few years since I’ve performed anything with a choir as a singer (I’m usually at the piano) so this will be a treat. We are 40 voices strong (although still looking for a couple more tenors) which should give the concert a more chamber choir sort of feel versus the massive Messiah choirs that are often three times as large. We had our first rehearsal today and are already sounding great. If you’re interested, concert info is here:

Victoria Symphony Concerts

I’m also involved with the Lambrick Park Church choir this season; we have two performances at the church on December 11. I’ll be playing piano for those.

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