Another Premiere With Vox Humana! (You’re Invited)

Vox Concert

Vocal music sounds so much better when sung by actual singers… Agreed? Good.

I recently had the thrill of hearing some new arrangements of mine for the first time in rehearsal! No more computer-simulated “voices” in my studio, this was the real deal, interpreted beautifully by the skilled musicians of Vox Humana and Music Director, Brian Wismath. All of this in preparation for next week’s choral concerts featuring all-Canadian music arranged by all-Canadian composers.

Vox Humana is to choirs what the Porsche Boxster is to cars: small in size (around 24 voices), but finely tuned and packing a punch. They don’t just get you from A to B; you will definitely enjoy every well-crafted moment on the way there.

This choir will premiere my arrangements of O Canada, and C’est la belle Fran├žoise in Saanichton on Saturday, May 25.


Every ticket sold supports a great local choir, not to mention a local composer or two. ­čÖé

Or if you can’t make it on Saturday… Go to the secret bonus show at the Atrium building in downtown Victoria at 3:00 pm on Sunday, May 26. This performance features all of the same great music, in a really neat public space.

See you there!

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