A pianist friend of mine once told me that she couldn’t imagine being a composer. She pictured herself spending long hours working alone writing and thinking in a dark room…with candle wax spilling over parchment amid stone busts of dead people. Well I made up that last part.

But composers do work alone, most of the time. We spend time thinking, working out ideas and exercising our imaginations. So it’s a good thing when we music writers can meet up to talk and share our knowledge and experience with colleagues. The Internet is making this easier all the time.

Not too long ago I had the chance to take part in a global event on Twitter called #askacomposer. Using that hashtag, musicians from around the world were able to chat, ask questions, and give answers. The conversation featured some established composers such as John Estacio, who I briefly met a few years ago, and some who are just starting out and wondering what people are up to. Even better, the event reconnected me with a composer friend of mine I haven’t seen in a while. We just happened to be hanging out in the same place on Twitter.

The event was hosted by #askthemusicians, who plan on hosting another music event soon. Sounds good to me! It’s nice to get out of the dreary basement every once in a while…

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