Choral Sounds and Other Notes

Since some of you aren’t able to come to the Vox Humana concerts this weekend, I though I’d share a little music of theirs. This is from a piece called Life by Canadian composer Jeff Enns. Jeff’s new commissioned arrangements of Canadian songs She’s Like the Swallow, and Song for the Mira will be featured in this weekend’s O Canada concerts.

Update: Visit Jeff Enns’ website!

You can also hear two of my own new arrangements among other Canadian music this weekend. (O Canada, and C’est la belle Fran├žoise.)

May 25 concert in Saanichton, 7:30 pm
May 26 concert in the Atrium Building, Victoria, 3:00 pm (psst… this one’s free!)

On another note, thank you for reading along over the past five or so months! I hope you are learning things, becoming inspired, or at least a little entertained. I will be traveling in June, so my blogging will be sporadic at best. I’m taking some time to recharge, visit great places, and hopefully hear some great music!

And, I was wondering…

Is there anything in particular you’d like me to write about in the future?

Let me know if you have any burning questions, or would like to hear about any particular topics. (Ex: What goes on in your head, anyway?) This is my way of trying to keep this blog useful and informative for everyone. Thanks!

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