Don’t Have Time To Read? Try This.

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I’m guessing you’re a lifelong learner. You’re probably intensely curious about a great many topics or you wouldn’t be reading this.

In school, maybe you were the guy or gal who always sat in the “T section” of the class (front row, or middle column). The place where its easiest to pay attention, and where you’re most likely to be called upon. Maybe you also like to read, as I do?

Not everyone has time to sit down and read a book as much as they’d like, but almost everyone has to travel somewhere… Walking to work, driving across town, getting groceries. Have you tried listening to podcasts? Hearing a podcast is a great way to learn something new. Here are three of my favorites.

1) NACOcast: Classical music podcast with Nick Atkinson
It’s Canadian. It’s about classical music, and mainly symphonic music. Very informative, with lots of great stories and info about instruments and composers of the orchestra.

2) Radiolab
Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad host this incredible show on a variety of topics. The audio production is unbelievable. Jad edits each show like a musical composition, with interviews cleverly spliced together for great storytelling. Sometimes philosophical, this show always gives me something to think about.

3) The Accidental Creative
Short talks about how creative people stay sane and thrive at work while staying healthy. Practical and encouraging for those who are paid to turn ideas into things.

Looking through the rest of my list now… other podcasts on my phone include Stuff You Should Know, Seth Godin’s Startup School, Radio-Canada (the news en Fran├žais), Lambrick Park Church, The Human Business Way… there is a podcast for everything if you look hard enough.

Zig Ziglar used to call this type of learning on the go “Automobile University”, because people would listen in their cars. Nowadays, what would it be? Earbud Elementary?

If you have a better answer, let me know! And are you listening to any great podcasts? Feel free to write back. Happy listening.

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