Flame and Shadow

* Winner of the Six Degree Singers 2015 Young Composer Competition! *

SATB unaccompanied – minimal divisi SDS_Logo

Duration: ~6′

Composed in August 2014.

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Listen to the recording below, or via SoundCloud, courtesy of Pro Coro Canada (Michael Zaugg, director).

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Alone in the night on a dark hill
With pines around me spicy and still,

And a heaven full of stars over my head
White and topaz and misty red;

Myriads with beating hearts of fire
That aeons cannot vex or tire;

Up the dome of heaven like a great hill
I watch them marching, stately and still,

And I know that I am honored to be
Witness of so much majesty.

Sara Teasdale (1884-1933)

Program Notes

On a clear night, the stars are a spectacle, shining down on us with permanent, vast riches. However, looking into the giant universe can also feed our feelings of insignificance. To me, the night sky is a reminder of both peace and pain.

While writing this music, I imagined myself out in the wilderness, on a dark hill, away from the cares of the world, but alone with my thoughts. The voices weave a tapestry of contemplation over the words “Alone in the night…”. They eventually build, evoking “beating hearts of fire” in all their majesty, celebrating the infinite skyscape. Maybe we aren’t as alone as we thought?

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