Free e-Book and new website!


Today I have a short announcement.

I have learned so much from generous and inspiring teachers who each played an important part in helping me be who I am now, and I’d like to give back to others in the same way!

So I’ve created a new website called This is an online resource for students who wish to learn to compose music at their own pace. It’s geared towards people who have some ability on an instrument, some basic knowledge of music theory (how to write notes on the staff, etc.), and who are interested in learning how to learn to compose music.

My new e-book called “How To Write A Theme Song” is currently available for free on the new website. I’m hoping that budding composers will find it a fun exercise and a useful resource.

If you are interested in reading the e-book and receiving updates about the website, you can register here!

Or, if you think someone in your life might be interested, would you forward this to them? I would really appreciate it!

And if you read the book, I’d love to hear your feedback!


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