From One Brother to Another

Congratulations to Quentin, whose rendition of the American art song (or spiritual?) Brother Will, Brother John earned us an invitation to the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival’s Vocal Honors Concert next week! The song’s sly lyrics and showy accompaniment make it fun to perform and a sure crowd-pleaser. Anything that ends with a glissando in the piano has got to be fun.

Quentin is one of the singers that I’ve had the pleasure to accompany on piano in the 2010 Victoria Music Festival. The competition gives music students a chance to present a piece they’ve been working on and get feedback from a professional. It uses a masterclass format where you get to hear other performers and then receive evaluation right there on stage. No, not like Canadian Idol… we’re playing classical music, there’s only one adjudicator, and hordes of screaming teens are nowhere in sight. But, like the pop star protégés on TV, singers like Quentin have the same courage and work ethic needed to give their best performance in front of friends and strangers. So stay strong; I’m looking forward to performing in the big show!

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