Great Skills Development Quote

Here’s a tip for composers, revealed to me by a young person I recently worked with:

“You should be a composer, Dave. You know, most composers were musicians before they were composers.”
-Viva Youth Choirs chorister, age 9

And hopefully they remained musicians long afterward! Evidently, I meet the prerequisite for writing music: I have to make music first! I couldn’t agree more. Hearing new music and performing is essential to growth as a musician. It’s only natural that composing new music follows from that. The ability to dream up interesting music springs from a foundation of basic musical knowledge and exposure to many different types of music. So listen and play every day!

A great piece I’ve been listening to lately is Mendelssohn’s Octet for strings. Here’s part of the 1st movement:
An even better recording is on iTunes:
Hausmusik London

What are you doing to hone your craft? The comments below are open.

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