How To Recycle Your Skills + Thoughts on Social Media Camp

You’ve heard the old proverb: “The man who chases two rabbits catches neither.” Many people say you should focus on one core skill that you wish to be an expert at. After all, if you’re the best in your field, you’ll never have to look for work again, right?

There is wisdom in focus, but in reality, life has many tangents. Even the best goal-oriented type-A follow-throughers still need to pay their bills, respect their relationships, and stay healthy. Since so much is happening at once, it thrills me when skills overlap from one discipline to another.

For example, working as a bellman in a fancy hotel for a few years gave me a strong service mindset. I could then take those new skills to help my musical clients even better. I could in turn take many of the digital skills I’ve earned with my own business and apply them at my current job. This is more of a holistic approach – that success in one arena can enable success in another. I think we all have overlaps like this, but sometimes it helps to say them out loud.

At Social Media Camp, one thing I learned was that there are many people just like me and you who are working on more than one project. They are working passionately from 9-5, while at the same time starting their own business as a freelance designer, or working on their art, or fixing bikes, or volunteering on the board of a community organization. Many people are able to use social media and marketing expertise to help amplify the good wherever they go.

So is social media just another rabbit to chase?

I say no, if the message behind yours is clear, positive, and useful to others. It’s just like a good microphone – able to amplify and broadcast all the great songs to be sung. And if the singer can sing in tune, so much the better. 🙂

Do you agree?

Social Media Camp is an annual two-day conference in Victoria. People from many disciplines gather for marketing education, discussion, and to share communication skills and ideas.

photo credit: -Porsupah- via photopin cc

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