In Sweet Music: Live recording with Vancouver Cantata Singers

This spring, I’ve been able to perform two of my pieces with the amazing ensembles that bring them to life.

Last weekend, Vancouver Peace Choir gave two concerts that included “Grant Us Peace”, with me at the piano and Brian Wismath conducting. A month earlier, I sang “In Sweet Music” from the tenor section with the Vancouver Cantata Singers (Paula Kremer, Artistic Director).

“In Sweet Music” tells the legend of Orpheus, whose music had the power to move mountains, among other superhero-like qualities. Even more importantly, Orpheus’ music could change people by helping them forget their troubles, putting them to sleep, or even killing them. For a composer, these are troubling thoughts.

I’m grateful to be able to share this live concert recording of “In Sweet Music” from Vancouver Cantata Singers’ “Full Fathom Five” concert in April 2017. Listen and watch the score, with a few of my notes and sketches. Singing in the tenor section with this group has been amazing and I look forward to next season, coming soon!

In sweet music is such art,
Killing care and grief of heart,
        Fall asleep, or hearing, die.

“In Sweet Music” won DaCapo Chamber Choir’s 2015 Young Composers’ Competition. I’m grateful to DaCapo Chamber Choir and Leonard Enns, who gave the premiere performance in 2016.

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