Just Be Thankful Once In A While

“All creation is a symphony of joy.”
Hildegard von Bingen, 12th Century ├╝bernun (composer, writer, philosopher, pharmacist, etc.)

I`m thankful for three things today.
1) I got to perform my new choral piece, In the Beginning, last Sunday. It`s a challenging work that tested me as a pianist and tested the choir as… well, as a choir. Surrounding the choir (and director Simon Prittie) is a great community in Lambrick Park Church who were very supportive of the premiere. These people are my friends and it was great to make music for them and as an act of worship.

2) I feel like a real composer right now. After a somewhat difficult summer health-wise (nothing serious, just kind of felt lousy), followed by a cold in early October, I have been able to work consistently on writing. By that I mean on a daily basis. I’ve got two projects in motion that I am very excited about. More information about those will come later.

3) My piano is tuned! The console-size Heintzman piano I bought a few months back had been getting kind of scary-sounding. Apparently, the entire instrument had gone sharp… I didn’t think that could happen. So I’m also thankful I learned something new today.

That’s about it. And here’s a video of Sunday’s performance:

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