Let the Choirs Unite!

“…with our powers combined…” The title of this post made me have a Captain Planet flashback. But I’m happy to report that BC has some more great choral singing in store this fall! Let me tell you about it.

The Canadian Chamber Choir will tour Victoria and Vancouver this month, giving concerts and workshops in both cities. Led by Artistic Director Julia Davids, the CCC is a group of professional singers from across the country, who carry out a “commitment to encourage choral excellence across Canada.” That sounds like a mission statement I can get behind. 🙂

This group was formed in 1999, and the last time they went on the road was in February 2013, when they visited Southern Ontario. Listen to the choir sing Jeff Enns‘ beautiful “Ave Maria” at a performance in 2008:

On October 16, the CCC will join Vox Humana to perform my Compassio, which Vox premiered in March of this year. Vox Humana will also sing The Heart of Night, first heard in September’s concert at the observatory. (The observatory!)

So of course I’ll invite you to come out to the concert! You’ll hear works by other Canadian composers like Jeff Enns, Kristopher Fulton (who just heard his piece Twilight Cities premiered to a full house by Pro Coro Canada!), and many more. Hearing the Canadian Chamber Choir will be a rare treat. Paired with Vox Humana, it should be a stunning concert. I feel happy just thinking about it.

You can get tickets HERE!

Read about the Canadian Chamber Choir’s BC tour here!


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