Life Emerges On Tiny Scraps Of Paper

Scrap PaperI have a couple of things to say today. This past week has happened really fast. The days have been chock full of surprises and rewards… it hurts to try to think of them all at once. I continue to compose a couple of new commissions (more details later), and although I’ve been working diligently, I’m not always in the right place to capture ideas when they come.

Ideas are persistent things, and won’t go away until they find a home outside the mind. This little scrap of paper looks almost incoherent, but it was essential to my sanity at one point this week. Writing an idea down is kind of like sweeping a broom through the corner of my brain… now that the idea is collected, it can live somewhere else and stop bothering me.

* Self-promotion Alert! *
This weekend is a David Archer tripleheader in Victoria. I’ve written about this before, and I think most of you guys already know what’s happening. My music is being performed three times this weekend:
Saturday, March 16: Victoria Symphony, Vox Humana
Sunday, March 17: Vox Humana

And I’d like to welcome to all the newcomers to this blog! (Hi, Simon, Natashia, Stephen, Nick, Jan, Jamie, Jody, and Dave!) I am trying to use this as a tool to stay connected with people. And I’d love to hear from you. This week, I’d like to ask:

When life gets busy, how do YOU clear your mind and stay on track?

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