Music And Remembering

Last week I heard an arrangement of mine performed at a unique event at Camosun College. The concert marked the installation of an upright piano in a bright 3rd floor atrium turned into public music making space. The piano was donated by Kathryn, the pianist shown in the video. She asked if I would arrange this song for her to perform, as it and the piano hold strong family memories.

Let The Rest Of The World Go By
is a song written after the First World War (1919) that became popular during the Second. See this 1944 recording by Dick Haymes. As a “war song”, I thought it would be fitting to post this video today in honor of Remembrance Day. Whether or not this song brings back memories for you, it’s a good chance to reflect on the sacrifices of the generations before us, and maybe even consider the direction our world is heading today.

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