Music From the Heart

Today marked a big event. My piece Prayer Without Words was read and recorded by the Victoria Symphony! As I said before, having my work played by a pro orchestra has been a long-lasting dream of mine. It was amazing to see the hours of preparation turn into something real (or surreal, which is how it felt being up on stage…). The players did an amazing job, despite only having 30 minutes total to rehearse and then record a 6 minute work. What a rush!

Prayer Without Words is a musical prayer for courage. I often find myself incapable of expressing what I truly feel in words when praying, so I wrote this work in response to that. To me it reflects inner turmoil in tough times. Sometimes this is an angst felt about disasters and wars abroad, and sometimes it’s about broken relationships. My faith in God helps me get through those times and prayer is an important part. But I often find it hard to pray!

A woman approached me after the performance. She said that her sister had recently passed away, and that she found my piece uplifting in the midst of her grief. Music is a powerful tool to help express what we cannot say, and I evidently wasn’t the only one who felt that today.

A big thank-you to Giuseppe Pietraroia and the Victoria Symphony for making this possible!

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