New Music, And More To Learn

Flute Part
I have a “memories” box. The memories aren’t really kept there, the box just holds things that reminds me of stuff that has already happened. Occasionally I’ll open it up and find an old school art project, or a photo album, especially the one that shows the bad haircut. (This one seems to turn up too often.) Not all memories are fun, but thankfully the great moments usually shine through. And so it is for music written what now seems like eons ago.

This week I got to hear the recording of my most recent piece for orchestra, The Alms Tree. I also received all the orchestral parts back, that is, the pages the Victoria Symphony players used during the reading. There is so much to learn from them, as many players wrote down helpful comments and suggestions on their parts, having to do with notation, balance of sound, or articulation, among other things. I wrote a few bad page turns as well, (sorry, bassoons and horns, but thanks for pointing it out!) and seeing all of these critiques at once was, like the bad haircut in the photo, initially overwhelming. But so very, very, very helpful for the future and for moving onward. And for that, I am grateful.

I’ve got a CD of the reading for personal use, and I won’t be making it available to the Internet at large, but many people have been asking to hear it, and many of those people are readers of this blog, and my personal friends.

So if you would like to listen to The Alms Tree, send me an email saying “yes”, and I will send you a link.

Click here to see the full score.

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