New Year, New Commission!


Last week I wrote to you about words, and I have more words for you this week.

But first –

I’m very pleased to announce that I have been commissioned by the Linden Singers of Victoria to write a new choral work to be premiered in Victoria on June 22, 2014! I’m extremely grateful to the choir, and to Brian Wismath, who joins the Linden Singers as guest conductor the summer. After at least one performance on Vancouver Island, the choir will also perform the new piece at Kathaumixw, an international choral festival in Powell River, BC. I am so looking forward to working on this new project with the choir!

The Concept

I’ve already been preparing for this piece for a few weeks, after I first got the news of the commission. I decided to write my own text, which I’ve posted below:

We Said A Prayer Together 

On a bright afternoon,
We stood together.
The lake was still,
The wind moved silently.
It was a year ago,
Or maybe two or three.

On an autumn evening,
We stood together
As fog swept in,
Shading the evening star,
And then the moonlight.
We watched the breeze.

We were alone at dusk.
We said kind things.
As lights dimmed,
You held my hand.
We said a prayer together,
Or maybe two or three.

We said a prayer together,
You held my hand…

O Lord, hear my prayer.
Grant us peace, O Lord, O Lamb of God.

I’ve been tremendously inspired by an issue affecting many people today: the gradual loss of a loved one due to physical or mental illness. I wanted to create something about the relationships that are forever changed by situations like dementia or stroke. I personally have witnessed family members struggle with this, and as spouses and relatives become caregivers, the change is never easy. But I have also been inspired by some shining examples of faith and unconditional love despite the challenges.

Here’s To New Challenges

So I’m beginning my composing year with brand new words… and now brand new music is starting to flow.

I bet you’re facing new challenges this year, too, and I wish you well. Feel free to share what you’re up to in the comments or reply by email. I’d love to hear from you.

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