One Word Can Change Everything…

…when it leads to action.

I recently got my hands on a recording of Compassio, the choral piece I wrote for Vox Humana’s concerts from March of this year!

This is a cappella music for mixed (SATB) choir, sung by an amazing group of singers under the direction of Brian Wismath. This piece uses only one word, “compassio”, which is the Latin word for “compassion”.

I wrote these notes inside the score:

compassio = compassion

Compassio is a choral prelude. It expresses that small acts of kindness and partnership can add up to something big. The Latin word “compassio” is exploded and then reassembled with joy, hope, and a bit of playfulness.

This music reminds me that well-meaning words need to be paired with action.


“Most good things have already been said far too many times and just need to be lived.”
-Shane Claiborne

Enjoy the music!

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