Soundstone Music 2.0!

Welcome to my new website! It’s here at last, after two solid months of research and planning. *whew* I had some fun learning how to use HTML, CSS, and PHP in conjunction with WordPress, the web developing software I am now using to maintain the site. If you are looking to start your own blog or website, give them a try. It’s free and has really gained a broad base of support over the last few years. Now on to the important stuff…

I’m looking forward to the future of the business! The reason I made the big web upgrade is so that I can better serve my clients by doing what I love to do, which is to make music and help others do the same! I’m available to do transcriptions (that is, make sheet music and charts), compose, and work as a pianist in a variety of settings. I needed to become a bit more visible to the search engines and this site will hopefully make that happen. There is now more detail in the descriptions of my services, which should make it easier for people to make a choice and then get in touch with me.

One other major change to the site is this new blog, which you are reading now. I’ll be able to give updates about my musical activities, and post pictures, articles, and hopefully some new audio clips in the coming months. It’ll be lots of fun.

So feel free to stay a while and look around! If you like what you see so far, why not subscribe to the blog, or follow me on twitter or Facebook using the handy buttons to the right. Or send me an email; I’d love to hear from you.

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