Traveling Is Good For The Imagination


Hi, I’m back! It’s been a while. In June I had the chance to take an amazing adventure to Europe with Heidi. We visited Norway, Sweden, England, France, and Italy, and now we’re back at home, readjusting to normal life. (Is “normal life” an actual thing?)

Seriously though, it was great to take a long break.

I have lots to say after this trip but I first wanted to share this gorgeous spot in Italy. South of Naples, we hiked through some of the towns dotting the Amalfi Coast. Built into the sides of cliffs, they offer one jaw-dropping view after another.

The stage being built in this photo is the location of the annual Ravello music festival. It’s hanging off the side of a cliff at the edge of the Villa Rufolo, built in the 1200s but made more recently and locally famous as a place Richard Wagner wrote a good chunk of the opera Parsifal in 1880. ┬áIt is amazingly beautiful… just imagine listening to music here in the evening.

We were a week too early for the music festival, but this spot was good for the imagination.

Have you seen or heard about a beautiful or unusual place for music making recently? I’d love to hear about it! Or send me a photo.

Until next time…