Viva School Tour

Every year, Viva Boys and GirlsViva Youth Choirs sends its Boys’ and Girls’ Choirs out for a day-long tour of Victoria’s elementary schools. This year marked my second as accompanist for VIVA, and last week we performed for three different school assemblies. To the children, the tour meant a fun day away from classes, and we had a blast.

The kids have alot of energy, and when you combine more than twenty of them in a room for any length of time, almost anything can happen. A spontaneous marimba performance at lunchtime, for example. (We were eating in the school’s music room. Can you blame them?) The kids also took part in the fine schoolyard tradition of altering the lyrics to their favorite songs when they thought the teachers weren’t listening. I can tell you from personal experience that choir kids do this with more gusto than any other group on earth.

For some children, the tours gave them their first taste of fame. After a performance at Oaklands Elementary School, a brave kindergarten student approached our snare drummer for an autograph. Don’t let it go to your head! It is these little events that stay in my mind as fond memories after all the music is sung and the hard work is done. With Viva, the job title ‘accompanist’ is often expanded to include tasks such as cleaning up spilled soup, crowd control, and chaperoning choristers to various venues. This just makes the job more interesting as the kids can be so spontaneous, and this is one of the reasons I enjoy working with Viva. There are more pictures up on our Facebook page. Also, Viva’s season winds up with a final performance at St. Aidan’s Church on Saturday, April 17, that will feature a performance of my piece written for the Boys’ and Girls’ Choir called Rat Milk! Message me if you would like more information.

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