What I Learned From A Year Of Blogging

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! How was your 2013? This year has been very exciting and challenging in many ways. I’m happy to say that it included lots of music and writing. Some highlights for me were:

  • Hearing Vox Humana premiere four of my newest choral pieces. What a privilege! Brian Wismath and the choir have been amazing to work with through the commissioning process.
  • Hearing Vox perform Compassio again with the Canadian Chamber Choir during the CCC’s recent tour to BC. As an added bonus, this piece was also performed in Chicago at North Park University by Julia Davids, director of the CCC.
  • My nerdiest moment of the year was Vox’s premiere of The Heart of Night at the observatory dome in Victoria. Astronomical music sung to a giant telescope (and a full house!).
  • Listening to the Victoria Symphony perform The Alms Tree at their annual Composers’ Workshop
  • Visiting Europe for the first time with my wife, Heidi, and hearing the French National Orchestra perform The Rite of Spring 100 years after its riot-filled premiere.
  • Publishing an e-book, “How To Write A Theme Song”
  • Beginning a new adventure by moving to Vancouver this fall.
  • Recording a Christmas Piano Medley
  • And the latest news is… I received a new choral commission for 2014 just a couple of weeks ago! More details to come soon.

This was also the first year that I spent any significant amount of time blogging. I made a commitment to publish on a weekly basis, and wrote 44 posts in total this year. I really enjoyed connecting with many of you about music, creativity, and community as you responded in the comments or by email. Thanks for reading!

One big lesson I’ve learned from blogging is that with consistent discipline, writing new ideas on a regular basis is not as intimidating as it once seemed. Writing and publishing week after week has sometimes been a daunting task, but there is something special about keeping momentum. In one sense creativity is like a muscle that needs to be flexed on a regular basis in order to stay healthy. Blogging and composing have both become part of the rhythm of my life this year, with many successes and failures. But ideas continue to flow, and words and scores continue to appear as I stay disciplined. For that I am very grateful. And I couldn’t have done any of it without the constant support of Heidi, my family, and many supportive friends and colleagues. Thank you thank you thank you!

It’s been a privilege to write to you in 2013, and I wish you tremendous success in 2014. Stay in touch!

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  1. You go man! 🙂 Proud of all you’ve accomplished, and even if you accomplished nothing I’d be proud because of the kind of man you are 🙂 Love mom

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