When is it okay to take a break?

One of the great thrills of music making is that there is always something new to learn, some new music to hear, new skills to uncover. And this is also the great problem. Much like an Olympic sprinter who struggles to shave another hundredth of a second off his time, we musicians are always looking for the extra edge that will lead to a great performance. So we practice, practice, practice! It is a daily grind, and there is no way around it for the professional.

We risk burnout, alienating friends and family, or just pure exhaustion. As someone prone to perfectionism, I find that taking a break sometimes requires just as much discipline as getting up early to compose a few more bars. Isn’t unfocused time just wasted? I’m finding more and more that it’s not…

You and I need time to recharge, to make new connections, to just do something random. We are human beings after all, not machines. Your music, your passions will be waiting when you get back.

The photo was taken near a hidden beach Heidi and I discovered last weekend in Oak Bay. It was a great afternoon of relaxation!

When’s the last time you gave yourself a break?

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