When You’re Out Of Ideas, Look Behind You

When was the last time you had a good creative idea? Sometimes I answer this question with “A long long time ago”. At least that’s how it feels. But is it true?

Old Papers
Photo Credit: ShironekoEuro, via Flickr

This week I went through some of my old staff paper. I have a few binders full of discarded musical ideas, half-baked compositions, and concepts for music I’ve never heard. It had been quite a while since I gone through any of them. Really I just needed to tidy my studio.

But I found buried treasure! I’ve been writing ideas down for years, and amid the clutter I sifted out some tunes that still sound good to me today. It’s encouraging to see a great idea staring back at you in your own writing.

Keep your scrap ideas! They might surprise you.

2 thoughts on “When You’re Out Of Ideas, Look Behind You”

  1. David…you are absolutely right! I have journaled since age 10. Reading through some of that last year unearthed buried treasure for me too!

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