Writing With Confidence

I had a minor breakdown while composing this week. I’m working on a big choral piece for a competition coming up in August. I haven’t gotten even a first draft done, or even half of a first draft, and I was feeling the pressure of the deadline closing in. It was overwhelming.

Ever been in a similar funk?

Thankfully this one was brief (less than a day). And even better, I had someone to talk to. My wife Heidi often acts as a sounding board for my ideas, and vice-versa. She was able to look in from the outside, say everything would be okay, encourage me, and even help define what the real problems in this situation are. (Turns out there are not many.) So grateful for the help!

The point is…

Composing is often a lonely experience. It’s just you and your thoughts, fighting through the noise to create something great. Or at least honest. We need people around us who will encourage us, get rid of the noise, empathize, or just plain listen. Even better, you can also be that inspiration for someone else. These kinds of relationships are essential to living well and writing well.

Surround yourself with people who will encourage you. Then go talk to them.

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